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A friend of my brothers asked me to look at his bike for him. It is a 2003 CBR600RR

He said the bike would shut off on him randomly when coming to a stop after pulling the clutch in. I could not duplicate the issue but taking his word I figured I would take a look.

The fuel level gauge constantly flashes from center and fans out so I know there is an issue there.

Pulling the Codes I got the following:

9 - IAT Sesnsor Curcuit
11 - Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
12 - Primary Injector Circuit Malfunction 1
13 - Primary Injector Circuit Malfunction 2
14 - Primary Injector Circuit Malfunction 3
15 - Primary Injector Circuit Malfunction 4
16 - Secondary Injector Circuit Malfunction 1
17 - Secondary Injector Circuit Malfunction 2
48 - Secondary Injector Circuit Malfunction 3
49 - Secondary Injector Circuit Malfunction 4

The bike runs fine (for me) and idles fine. The grounds on the frame and the fuel pump are all fine as well. But with all these codes I feel confident its a ground issue. I have read that there is a "yellow box" ground junction somewhere near the tail section on these bikes that commonly burns out at a wire or two but cannot find it anywhere for the life of me.

However I noticed the plug to the fuel pump is jumped

I have no idea how the jump fixes anything but the pump will not prime without it.

Again I cant duplicate the claimed issue and he says there is no rhyme or reason to the kill other than pulling the clutch in (clutch switch is fine too) but there is clearly something going on here.

Any insight to this would be much appreciated.

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First thing, the two outside wires on that plug are the power to the fuel pump, the inside one connects through a resistive sensor to ground (the black wire) and the yellow/red one is power.

Having that jumper there will cause the fuel gauge to not function at all, so there's problem number one.

First thing to do is remove that jumper and check the voltage at that plug when the fuel pump primes. Use the chassis of the bike as your reference, not the ground wire in that plug. If you get the same voltage as the battery voltage then check the voltage on the ground wire under the same conditions.

Post your results.
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