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i have a 600rr, but taking that damn test at the DMV is near impossible. im wondering if anyone in LA or Orange County has a small bike i could use to take the test with. I could meet you there or go to your place and leave my bike as collateral. anyway you want it

my test is THIS Monday at 2:00 pm (last minute i know i know) :(

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If no one can lend you a bike I would just go to the DMV at night and practice...Use the rear brake and you'll be fine..Gotta admit though, the test at the DMV is pretty stressful I hated that crap..Good luck..
they prob have some small ones u can rent there... try that if u have to
I took the MSF course and they just give you your liscense at the end.
You don't even need a bike cuz they supply them.
Best way to go if you ask me. plus u get deductions on insurance etc.
I passed my dmv test, the only hard part was the turning without getting your feet off the peg and making sure you dont cross the yellow lines. Just be real nice the who ever is doing the test and you'll be alright...Goodluck..
Msf Is The Way To Go!
i rented their bike (a 250) for about 25 bucks... i was just happy that i passed and didnt care about the fee LOL...

The MSF course was free for me since the military pays for it...:)
i took my riding test at the BMV on my 600RR in the rain. you can do it man. just go and practice the course a few times. i dunno if it differs in cali but the only hard part was the cones and the U turn.
just do it the rr. i passed mine with 3 months riding experience. just consentrate and there is nuthin yo it.
well i have been practicing and the first parts easy (the cones, u turn and cones), but the second part has a harder turn into the circle that is so difficult with our bikes, i can only do it about 50% of the time. and i have exprience!! thats the thing that kills me.

my only thing against MSF is that it costs 235 focking dollars and is rediculously easy. ive seen it and know people that have done it. said its 3 days of BASics. im not saying im pro, just that this is too much money for what it is... im not rich. cant afford to "buy" a license.

cojolio, do all dmv's have bikes? im wondering if i can just do that.
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