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hey everyone.. i just bought my 2nd bike, its an 07 cbr 600. my f1 light is on. at high rpms it kinda sputters/hesitates. i have a 2 brothers slip on exhaust, the guy that i bought it from let it sit up for a while whitout riding. so i thought maybe some bad gas. i ran it empty filled it back up and it helped a lot. but the light and sputter is still going on. a friend recomended using about half a tank of race fuel added to my gas. does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing the f1 light to stay on? any help is much appreciated

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Trouble Codes

hey i found this on another site this info is correct can we please sticky this???

There's a "test plug that you need to ground, and count the flashes of the FI light. The plug is under the seat, right side of the bike, near the ECM , at the right rear of the battery. There are 2 wires to the plug, and you need to jump them, then turn the key "on", with the kill switch on "run".

If there's a code, the FI will flash your code(s). Count the flashes.

There's long blinks amd short blinks.

Long = 1.3 seconds

Short = .5 seconds

If you have a long blink, the 3 short ones.....that's 13.

A long blink = 10

A short blink = 1

9 short blinks = 9....and so on.

Let us know....


0 - bank angle sensor, ECM, PGM-FI fuse
1 - MAP sensor
2 - MAP sensor vacuum hoses, or sensor itself
7 - ECT sensor poorly connected or open circuit
8 - TP sensor, TP senspr wiring
9 - IAT sensor connection, or open wire
10 - Baro sensor, or connection, or wiring
11 - Vehicle speed sensor, or connection or wiring
12 - #1 injector connection, or faulty injector
13 - #2 injectior connection or faulty injector
14 - #1 connection or open/shorted circuit
15 - #2 connection or open/shorted circuit
18 - Cam pulse sensor, connection or loose sensor
19 - Ignition pulse sensor, connection or loose sensor
20 - faulty E-PROM in ECM.

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Thanks for the codes!! And sorry for the wrong category post. I'm new to the whole forum thing.
Sure man any time :shakehand you will get the hang of the forum in no time :banger:
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