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Need Some Pant Suggestions

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I'm getting closer and closer to having full gear. Have a JR Leather Jacket, RS Taichi Leather gloves, Suomy Helmet. Next I am looking for some pants.

Any recommendations for a pair of pants that are good to be worn in summer weather? Want something safe, but the heat factor is huge. Thanks.
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JR sells the leather speedmaster pants that are perforated. I`ve been thinkin of trying them out, but heat is a MAJOR concern for me as well. Remember last july 4th weekend, that was a real endurance test. I`d like to find something that I could still put up with in the middle of summer.
I just bought the Icon Recon pants and they are very nice. Comfortable, will stay cool, and has added protection for motorcycle riding. Might give them a try.
I was looking into the Perforated Speedmasters as well, anyone have an opinion?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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