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Nelson Rigg Bike Cover

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After both of my original bike covers finally wore out I decided to take a chance on the Nelson Rigg Medium Bike Cover. I paid @ $30 2 years ago and they're still the same. The fit is good and the elastic they use is excellent. I would highly recommend this cover if you're in the market. It comes in 3 different sizes but the medium fits the 600RR.
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Awesome, thank you! I've been looking for covers. Has it stood up to weather outside?

I'm looking at this one, but they say "indoor only". Not sure what difference would be.

Do you have a link you could share to purchase this cover?
I think you can get it here:
Sweet! thanks for the link. Although, I checked & the logos look different. The logo on your original pic look much nicer!
No worries. Thanks for the help!
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That's the chinese knockoff. :LOL: ....j/k....
U may be right... how ironic would that be.
I think I found one of these but it is listed for a CBR1000RR-R. Are the dimensions of the two bikes close enough for a cover to be interchangeable? Again, my bike is a 09 600rr.
Where'd you find it?
I didn't find it in red, but I found it on partzilla in black with the same logos.
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