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Wanted to update people on here if yall didn't know...

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Greetings everyone.

My name is Rob Cichielo and wanted to take a moment to address the NESBA members. I believe many of you know me (some of you don't), but wanted to at least take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know that we are in the final stages of completing our business agreement with Bob to take over NESBA's operations under a new organization that is well structured, well funded, and based on a completely new management team. This week has been a complete whirlwind, but we're very close to completion. I will not disclose information until our business work is final, but I anticipate that we will have a formal communication to existing NESBA members this Sunday.

As a NESBA member since 2004, I feel very strongly about this organization and certainly know that communication has not been one of its strong suits. Understand that I do NOT speak for NESBA, but our next communication will provide everyone with details of the new organization, what this means for members, and I assure you the transition will be smooth and painless.

I understand all too well that many of you have many pressing questions, concerns, and just looking for answers. Please understand that there's not much sleep for me through this weekend and will have limited time for questions about our new organization - N2 Track Days (N2TD)

I for one am looking forward to great times on the track in 2014. Stay tuned...


Robert Cichielo, President and CEO
N2 Track Days

UPDATE: Sunday, 9:18p
As per my original message, I wanted to keep to my word and provide an update to the group. While I was hoping for wet ink on paper this evening, the fact is that we're still working through this process. While we may have additional breakthroughs this evening, I thought it would be unfair to provide an update @ 11:59p!

That being said, we are indeed making progress and so much has been done by an incredible crew of people. So I want to take this time to give you a little more information about the folks behind this endeavor. We have Will Leinker, James Curtis, Kris Smith, and James Easley, not to mention very generous investors that have a strong affinity to the motor sports industry (especially those involving two wheels).

This exercise is a difficult one and has taxed a team of people heavily for a week now. We're looking at all financial and operational aspects of this organization (financial, back-end systems, registration, track contracts, etc.) and it is very time consuming. We are committed to balancing the interests of the members, the organization, and other parties in the mix. Once we can get through this, we will immediately turn on back-end systems (registration, etc), publish schedule, etc.

Thank you for your patience.
N2 / WERA Expert #92
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