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hey everybody, whats up? just brought home my 05 this weekend. a bit cold in detroit, i put on 130 miles this weekend, some of it in temps around 40.
anyway, anyone read the "riding tips" booklet that came with the bike? who writes this stuff??!?! i couldnt resist:

"company is always nice. some company weighs 100 pounds, other company weighs 200 pounds."

"dont get fascinated by that '53 corvette off to your right. or go rubber-necking at an accident scene."

"riding with bare eyeballs is a gamble. your eyes are precious, and it does not take much to injure one."

"over the ankle boots, please."

"it rains everywhere in this country, some places more than others."

"become a full fledged member of the motorcycling fraternity."

"think of your motorcycle as being as personal as a toothbrush"

"hitting a deer with a motorcycle is a tough way to put venison on the table."
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