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I used to love riding on the road. I couldn't wait to jump on the RR and hit the local twisties. I would try to ride whenever I had the time or go out of my way to make time. BUT, ever since I started riding on the track I have very little desire to ride on the roads. It just isn't satisfying enough.

So.. I got a cruiser. 03 VTX1800C with 2750 miles. I picked it up for 8K. I am thinking the urge to drive fast and hard will be gone on this thing. Plus, I can ride for more than 2 hours with out killing myself. It will be nice to ride the bike to bike week, rather than tow it. I have only driven it home and have not had a chance to go out on a long ride yet, but this thing is sweet. Already scrapped the pegs, gotta get used that.

(Oh, still got the RR. Keeping it for the track)


Already put in an order for these pipes:


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Dig it man, looking for a cruiser as well but not selling the RR
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