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New chain and sprockets

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I have managed to wear out my chain. i was learning to whelie and total mileage is around 15000 km.Chain become very jumping and can not be tighteen any more. Please if you could help me chosing the best replacemnt brend in order to new chain lasts long as this one was.i have heard that DID is maybe the best one.Please comment!
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DID last a long time! Stick with a 525 chain...if it is durability you want...change your sprockets to a 530 and your chain as well.

Yep....wheelies are hard on the chain and the rest of the bike.
Mines was worn out as well, I went with All steel sprockets + 525 Chain (which is the stock size) since I do some stunting & twisty riding, I wanted something that'll last, and its cheaper too for the steel sprockets, they just arent as light..

I went with the Parts Unlimted Sprockets + EK Chain..
Thanks to all, i have bought d.i.d. and hopefully it will be ok.

Regards to everyone
Keep it clean and oiled and it will last twice that long.

Welcome to the forum!
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