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So, below are a couple of pics from my old 1992 CBR600 (f2) - bought as the flamed pirelli, purchased some fairings from China for £350 and fitted myself - and I loved this bike.

Smashed it to bits at 4am one morning on my commute, taking a corner far too late - totally my fault.

So, latest machine is the Padgetts one which is very smart, signed by John McGuinness himself, but I'm always leaning towards the Repsol plastics, again!!!!

Now the padgetts fairings are in very good shape, and I do like them - but I'm wondering whether I should remodel her in to the Repsol design or not?

I dont need to, dont even know if I want to, but considering it?

Someone advise me to go for it, or be happy with the Padgett white :)

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