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Most of the members are from New England so its a good place to start meeting local people to ride with. Sorry if this doesnt belong in this forum or on the site.
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Just skimmed through it and I'm not liking it already. Blah.
Its only 2 days old, were still working out a lot of details.
Its pretty much at 100% now, check it out if you want someone local to ride with next year.
hammbone said:
thats a nice bike you have on that forum.... where do i get one of them 400+ hp rockets..... hhahahaha lol
You mean my 2008 Honda GSZx-R-One RR, 1400cc Hyatana, Twin NOs Turbo, 457.5 HP? If you send me, only, $17,543.98 in cash, i will send you a bike within 2 months :icon_lol:
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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