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New guy here...Northern Michigan

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Whats up guys...Im from northern Michigan and I recently bought a new bike (well new to me) Orange 2008 600rr

Little about myself...I live way up north and it sucks in the winter. Ill be 22 in a couple months, I work as an electrical tech for some reason even though I dont have a back ground in it. Spent a few years in the Navy worked as a Hospital Corpsman the majority of my time.

And yeah thats me

Heres a picture of it. Mostly stock right now...Slowly throwing new things on it. I have lots of plans for it as do most people right?

If anyone is up near the Mackinaw City area and wants to go riding let me know. Im always available
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nice scoot welcome to Dotnet
Welcome.. Im in Waters. South of Gaylord.
Welcome to the site - that color scheme looks familiar, hmmm... :)
Welcome to the site man!
Im actually more towards Petoskey area so I know right where Waters is. I drove through there the other day actually
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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