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So hello

I'm relatively new here... I'm from North East Massachusetts.
Just got a new used and (i must say super sexy) 05 600RR
Photo here:

Been riding seriously for about 6 years now.
Its really a big step up from my 95 F3, which was not all that bad.
The F3 was comfortable but had the muscle and agility to still go
good at the track. But my new bike is much more taut and solid.
Feedback is crisp and throttle response is more precise.
Braking is better. The handling is nice, but i think I'll play with the
front ride height and drop it on on the front forks a few mm's
to see what that does. Also still need to experiment with the
clickers a bit to dial in the suspension, but over all its SWEET.

Its got after market blinkers, that are off when just straight
running. I thought the stock ones were on all the time, yes?
Can I wire the aftermarkets to be on too?
I want the extra visibility given that its all black and
even if it was painted all neon green, bozos would still not see
me so I want every advantage I can get !

Also how many miles do you all get with a full tank
of gas? I was used to getting about 130-140 for about 3.3
gallons on my F3.

ps. great list by the way... alot of good info to be had thanks

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yea the aftermarket blinkers usualy don't have running lights, i guess you could change them to stock.

and you should get roughly the same mpg as you say you were before, i get about 140-50 when doing long trips and about 120-30 when doing only city riding.

enjoy the new bike

and welcome to the forum
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