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New Integrated Tail Lamp MOD! What do you think?

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:gun1: Hey, I am in the process of modding my tail lamp on my '06 600RR and was thinking of posting the photos and a write up of how it was done on here, but wanted to know first if enough of you wanted to even see it! I am etching my own printed circuit board and I am using super-bright LEDs for the brake light & turn signal circuits. The IC board should be a direct bolt in for the factory one. Anyway let me know if you all even want to see this kind of thing on here! Also do you think anyone would have interest in buying the replacement circuit board if I made more?
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I think the Clear Alternatives one piece tail light/blinker setups works pretty well and isn't really that expensive.
i agree. its so cheap theres no point in trying to fab up your own. it'll probably cost just as much if not more.
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