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New leather jacket. Help?

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Just bought a new Teknic leather jacket and it's real stiff. Know anything I can do
help break it in?
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Any certain brand I should look for?
Go ride in the rain...keep ridin until the sun comes back out and the jacket dries out.
just wear it and ride... but if you want leather conditioner, look for lexol...some good ****!!
I got a teknic lightning about 2 months ago and it was folded up in a box. It was hard as hell. I bathed the thing in meguiars leather conditioner. Wear it all around the house like when you are watching tv, eating, etc. It always helps to ride too..
Do some jumping jacks in it too.
hahaha "go ride" is a good answer.
Nice sig seanic... good work.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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