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New Look for my 600rr..

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Getting ready to run at laguna this week..hope all goes well!!! Here's a few pics of my 600rr...Enjoy

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Damn thats ******* sweet. ....
:Tommygun: tear up the hearts of the other riders when you race that bad boy :wink:
Daaaaammn, that bike's phat
:drool: that is NICE
hell yea
awesome setup man!
Body work

For those that are asking, the body work is from ARMOUR BODIES. Flexible and fitment is nice.
nice f'ing job man. That bikes looks razor sharp. Represent!!
damn...that looks tight!

- D
White bikes are pimp :pimp: That thing looks sweet. Very very nice work.
thats a good looking bike
good luck in the race...let us know how you do!
that looks really nice. it reminds me of white ranger when i used to watch power rangers. :wink:

1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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