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Hi All,

Just signed up for this forum as i now proudly own a Honda CBR 600 RR from 2008.

Let me intoduce myself. My name is Benjamin and i got my driver licence (for motorcycles) in September 2019 at 24 years old (so now 26 :)) . I started out on a Kawasaki Z750 from 2008. I re-painted the bridge (a bit rusted) and rims (chipping) and sold it with profit a year later. This was my first motorcycle without really knowing a lot of it. However, to start on it was a really nice bike and learned alot on it. Some pictures attached.

After this i felt the need to have a bit more power, however i was not sure wether to buy a 1000cc. Clearly if it would have been be a 1000cc it would not be a sport bike because this would have been a too big of a step up, but maybe a Kawasaki Z1000 as this would be a logical "step up" as i previously owned a Z750. However, everyone is riding a Z1000 these days, and if i would buy a 1000cc, my insurance would be pretty expensive as a beginner (In Belgium it's calculated based on, amongs other things, engine displacement and years experience).

So next i was starting to look into the 600cc catergory of sport bikes (not so expensive in Insurance, but some more power/weight ratio as the Z750). I saw a lot of videos and read a lot of forums and the Honda CBR 600 RR always came out best in the 600cc racer category in average. ofc, there are some more powerful bikes as the R6, but it's too track oriented, and not as comfortable on the long rides. Honda's reliability also was promising. So, evidentially i started looking for the 600 RR.

Soon i found it. This 600RR from 2008 for €3500 with 35K kilometers on the clock. However, it was damaged. The guy who sold it to me fell on the race track and damaged some fairings. It looked not to bad so i bought it. However when i started to take the bike apart i soon also saw some more damaged or worn out components. However, all in all it was okay to repair (i like working on bikes) and not so expensive (bought alot of thinks from China, ofc not the crucial components, but the aesthetic ones)

All things i have done on this bike:
- Replaced Fork stem bearings (were completely loose - so might aswell change them and replace the bearing balls
  • new front & rear brake seals & rear piston & brake fluid (i damaged the rear piston trying to take them apart because all brakes locked up).
  • new air intake filter (K&N), old one was clogged up, full of flies.. 🦟
  • new engine oil & filter (K&N)
  • new Coolant fluid
  • new LED headlights
  • new Integrated taillight
  • gear indicator
  • New mirrors
  • painted the exhaust black
  • new brake/clutch levers
  • new handlebar weights (one was missing)
  • new fairings (which i wrapped, not painted)
  • new stickers...
  • removed the ugly white reflective tape on the rims
  • quadlock fork stem mount for my smartphone

as you may have already noticed, the theme for this bike was Black with some gold accents. I think it turned out pretty nice. However, i do not recommend wrapping your bike. It's too much work/frustration because of the many curves/holes in the fairings. However, it cost me a total of €250 for a complete new fairings set, wrapped.

Anyway, attached some pictures of the Z750 before i sold it, the CBR 600 RR when i tore it down, and when completed. I still haven't drove the bike properly because i do not yet have my own licence plate, so also no super nice pictures in the sun. I'm beyond stoked to drive this bike! licence plate will arrive next week.


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