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New member from Spokane, Wa!

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Just picked up an 07 today for 3900. Wanted to say hi introduce myself. I've taken it down the road and back, but it's gonna stay parked until my gear comes in as well as getting my endorsement.

I did have it inspected, and the fork seals are leaking so I'll have to replace those. The front brake pads are worn(most likely due to the forks seals). And the steering head is clunking. I'm thinking the aftermarket clamp was installed funky. I'm hoping a bearing isn't out.

She has been laid down and the clutch side fairing is cracked and scraped to hell. And the stator case is in the same boat, but other than the cosmetics she is awesome!!

So anyone have some pointers on dealing with that steering head? And any Spokane riders lurking around here?

Once again, thought I'd say hi and that I'm the proud owner if an 07 cbr!

See ya all around.
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:rocker: Welcome, welcome :rocker:
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