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I just sold my 2003 XB9R and purchased an 07 CBR600RR in Pearl white.
Got my new bike last weekend. She nice beckt!
Bye bye XB9R, I will truly miss you and yo Torq and yo on the rails handling.

My new beckt. She have Tourette syndrome, she coprolalia all the time. She calm at first then at 8,000 rpm she go YA AY AYA YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAAYYAAAAAAAA!

She is super light in the hips too. Sexy!

Following the honda manual break in instructions and what the sale guy instructed me to do.
I have ridden faster bikes but it's been a while. I forgot what it's like riding a bike that takes off like a bat out of hell after 8,000rpm. LOL
When I got my buell i had to change my riding technique. Now i gotta change back again to I4 techniques.
I completely forgot how high they rev. Going down the the highway at 65mph all the way to work I was like damn the shitz screaming really really high compared to my buell. Also on my buell at 65mph if i nail the throttle the bike would take off like a rocket, no down shifting required. Of course with the new bike I nail it and nothing until the it gets into the power band or you down shift to get the revs into the power band.
I have also yet to rev this beckt out. I need to break her in first and change out the break in oil.

Hello to all on
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