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New undertail setup - UPDATED with pics

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I just ordered one of these and will be doing a full review and writeup once I get it.

It's an all LED solution incorporating a plate light also. Expect a full review in the next few days. Yes, that means my other undertail solution is gone
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keep it in my garage until I'm satisfied with the new one. you're diggin' it, huh??
I think I did a poor job explaining those two pictures.

The first one is the kit I'm getting and will get a review posted once I get it.

The second picture, with the big red light, is the one I made myself. That one is now removed from the bike while I wait for the new one to come in. For me, I don't care about street legal (did I just say that?) because I do very little street riding.
Here is a shot of the assembly mounted on my bike.

This confused me at first. Notice that the brackets now mount on the inside of the subframe. Stock position is on the outside of the subframe. I thought this was a mistake at first until I realized a great advantage, the entire thing can be removed for trackdays now without removing the tail plastic. The brackets are 1.5 inches from the can - plenty of clearance.

This was a little disappointing, the LED signals attach with sharp pointed screws. They come through and leave a sharp point on the backside. This could be replaced by small machine screws with a bolt and I may yet do that. Note the bolts that attach the assembly (also circled) they are small for the application and need to be painted black.

Here's what it looks like when flashing. It's very visible from a good distance back. I'm not sure about how legal it will be (due to spacing) everywhere but it does really clean up the whole rear end.

Final thoughts...
1. very clean and tight appearance.
2. has a plate light - many replacement setups do not.
3. keeps the plate in a undeniably legal position.
4. well designed and works well.

1. Directions were unclear about mounting on inside of subframe but easy enough to figure out.
2. License plate holes were not drilled in the correct position.
3. Pointed screws need to be addressed.
4. No wiring harness to speak of, you'll need to route the wiring through the assembly and figure it out yourself.
5. Price - $89 full retail but can be had for less on ebay.

Overall opinion - I'm pleased with the product but there is more work I need to do with cleaning it up and finishing it off, I'm meticulous about how the bike looks and functions. I'm please with the operation of the assembly. LEDs are very visible and the black finish really looks tight, plus it's practically un-noticeable when not flashing.
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