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New Used bike bought yesterday, warped left rotor

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:evil: :evil: well ive got a warped left rotor, bought the bike used yesterday, havent had this bike 24 hours yet, anyone know where i can get a stock rotor or a set of EBCs for a good price? BTW hey folks im a new honda owner
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Did you buy it from dealer or private party?
If dealer, go talk to them, if necessary get pushy. They shouldn't sell a bike like that.

If you're going to replace discs and pads, I recommend Galfer wave discs, and Bendix supersport compound pads. Be a shame not to put steel hoses on too.
didn't you ride the bike and check everything out befor eyou bought it???
yeah i rode it but it felt like there was just air in the lines, didnt think itd be the rotor itself. Gonna check out the galfer, anyone know where i can get a stock rotor for a good price?
Contact Nick from ridersinc his webpage is and he always has great deals.
if your gonna check out the galfers i would just buy them rather then waste the money on a oem rotor you will just replace, is there any warranty through the dealer
That's the second warpes rotor I've heard of, how in the hell does that happen?
Aren't the wave rotors actually cheaper than the stock part? I know that the EBC pro-lites will be.
Easiest way to warp a rotor is 1 a crash 2 hard track day. I have 4 race weekends on mine and are still just fine.
Im guessing he left the disc lock on there
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