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Hi, Im South korean NEWBIE 600rr rider.

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I checked the exhaust temperature because the exhaust sound was weird when I first purchased it.
CYL' No.4 seems dead.

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Removed the side pairing and removed the radiator.
Coolant's condition was better than I thought.

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The coils of No. 4 cylinder and No. 3 cylinder were removed and replaced, but only No. 4 cylinder was not ignited continuously.
So I guessed that it was a problem with the plug rather than a problem with the coil.

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The resistance of both coils 3 and 4 was 11 ohms. both are looks fine.

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The coil of cylinder No.4 It doesn't seem to have been ignited for a long time.
damn denso

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Carbon deposition of ignition plug

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I bought 4 plugs in Honda Korea :)

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All SET! (PLUG 11 Newton Meters)

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yay~ its working!
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