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No footed wheelies and passenger pegs

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Well Im at the point now where I can ride out wheelies for about 1 Mile if the road is straight and nice. And had a couple questions one is the rear pegs I will do the staggerd stance sometimes and with one foot on the back seat but I was curious about the pack pegs folding on you if you go too high? I would do both peg wheelies but it seems like they are about ready to fold up on my left foot sometimes when im at and past balance point, or is that just my head.

Also to people who do no footed wheelies do you put your ass against the rear seat when you do it or what I was doing them for about a block today and almost looped one cause I slid down my seat into the back seat and blipped the throttle hard while doing it my right foot smashed against the concretewhile I was sitting on my rear seat almost it was that close.
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Can I get a anwser on the peggsss plzzzzzzzzzzz I wanna go try before dark
You can switch the pegs around. I forget if your suppose to switch the left with the right or turn them around? Do a search, it was covered in here.
just swap them around, the whole mount and all. but i wouldn't be trying any off peg stuff without a hand brake.
You dont think engine brake is enough ?
hey whats up new to the area and looking for the stunt spots..... preferably the lots but the streets will work to so any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated thanks
Do you got a hand brake on yours? They pretty easy to get used to?
You should post in the area specific spots smoke joe they are down below the stunt section.
is there a write up on em somewhere or is a pretty widely available thing.
what do you want to know? it's pretty easy to set up, just gotta get the right parts. need a junction valve from Sheetone, another stock Honda banjo bolt, 60" braided SS line to the left bar, and a MC to work the brake.

now bleeding it right can be ALOT of fun.

Sheetone's setup:
My old setup, Pete's running it now. i got a Radial MC and the junction valve like above.
thanks dude
I hope youre not doing mile long wheelies at the height your at in your avatar........
Nah it goes past that, thats when i first started doing stand ups I can slow em down now.
AiR said:
You dont think engine brake is enough ?
In a nutshell?.....


Better safe then sorry
I got so comfortable with engine braking, i mean i would keep my foot over the break, just never use it, till one day it bit me in the @ss , literaly lol, if you see my post in the crash section.

When my bike 12'd i just didnt think about the break, just thought oh sh|t .

Now every time i do a wheelie, my foot is on the brake and i use it if i feel like im going to far back.

Ride safe, dont do all the stuff you see others doing, work at your own pace , it will save you in the long run :D
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