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This is for a 2007 CBR600RR, 16k on the ODO.

I just recently changed my sprockets and chain from stock to 520 15t/42t. I heard it was easier to do wheelies so naturally I started to test things out. I never tried to wheelie before so hear me out;

When I’m around 20mph or so on first gear (this at about 5% or so throttle), I flick the throttle to 100% as fast as i can and the bike barely goes anywhere. The speed and rpm barely climb as in I was choking the engine. If I roll the throttle a little slower to 100% (still fairly fast compared to normal riding), the bike will pick up speed very quickly and the front will start to lift off. I tried with 2nd gear at a little higher speed and I’m getting the same results.

Mind you I wasn’t putting all my weight towards the back as I wasn’t actually trying to wheelie, I was just trying to get the sense the new gearing ratio.

It feel like the rear tire is burning out but the RPMs are climbing way too slow so it can’t be that. Maybe the clutch is slipping? I can’t tell as I never experienced a slipping clutch before. Not enough fuel? As this is my first bike of this type, I’m not sure if this is normal behavior for this bike. I do have a new fuel pump on hand since I had another issue before but it ended up being the EGCV (exhaust valve) but I want to check the forums out before breaking down the whole bike.

I do have PCV and Autotune and tried the stock table amongst others and it’s still the same issue. I re calibrated the TPS, no luck. I check the battery and voltages all seems to be normal ranges (I rode with the voltmeter and it’s staying constant).

I never tried to just put the throttle to 100% like that before so I have no idea if this is a new problem or old or normal.

My mods (that maybe would affect it)

-Akrapovic Slip On
-Power Commander 5 with Auto Tune
-Gutted Airbox
-MJS Mid Pope CAT delete.
-Stock headers
-Superlite Steel 520 Sprokets (15/42)
-EK ThreeD (3D) 520 Chain
-BMC filter 200 miles ago
-New iridium laser spark plugs 800 miles ago
-Dunlop Q3+ rear tire with 1500 miles

If there’s anymore that I remember over time I’ll add.

Please help!

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