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NOOOOO boots too big =/

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recently got some Sidi Vertigos. euro size 43, UK size 9, US size 9.5 and i have a 10.5" long foot, very common size fitting lots of ppl.

and they were fine in the store, but by the time i got home from the 60+min drive to get there, i decided id like these a tad tighter.

and they tell me if you didnt buy online, no returns/exchanges. sigh.

anyone have any ideas how to lose these boots so i can go buy some cobras or something? the size 42 vertigos wont be back in stock for around 6 weeks according to the guy at motonation.

worn them like twice and put an add on craigslist but thats not a proactive solution =(
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bro just post them on ebay.
if you want them a tad tighter, get footbeds put in, will raise your foot giving the feel of a tighter boot......
Man that sucks... What US size do you usually take? 10.5? That should make you a 44 or 45 boot. How could 43 be to big for you? I recently ordered a whole bunch of dainese stuff online.. hoping the size charts and research lands me in good fitting everything, fingers crossed! Try ebay or the classifieds here... at least you'll be able to recover some of the cash. Have a good one and hope the next boot is alright... :)

#Ok 43 is like a 10 US so if you're 9.5 then there you go!...size 42 it is! errr beer. lols.
good question. theres just too much room in them. slightly. when i had tried on some 42 cobras, they were snug and i was thinking, this will bite me in the ass. gotta do any walking in snug boots and theyll probly kill your feet.

but ya know what, maybe i can quit being a putz about it and just carry some shoes in the bag that im gonna have to get to carry the new lid i ordered anyway. dressing for the crash implies dressing for the bike, not the shopping mall or bar or cafe.

get good gear and make sure it fits PROPERLY. no slop, no "comfortable" compromises.
have you tried sole inserts or wearing thicker socks, like snowboarding socks?
Simple solution man Sole inserts indeed they will also gave you a softer sole that does come handy indeed try that option first & best of luck
+1 on the sole inserts. When your feet get warm, they tend to swell slightly, so a tad bit large is better than very snug. Besides, your boots might just need to break in as my Oxtars felt a little loose until they were broken in.
found some guy 40min away with vertigos one size down, not worn much, that he got in a deal for a used bike or something. gonna see about a trade or maybe sell mine then buy his and make a small profit. maybe i can pull something outta my ass today =]

so yeah, kids, make sure your **** is snug, else youll get poor feel for the pegs/levers from boots that are too loose xD

adding an insert isnt the same thing imo. i dont want my foot raised up in the boot, i want the boot itself to fit flush with my foot while my heel is fully back in the heel cup, that sorta thing =]
I still suggest trying the insert solution if it does not solve the situation go for the other pair of boots then sell yours after usually when selling even if your gear is brand new you still loose some money that is the trade off of course
I recently bought a pair of ST and initially it was kind of loose and I had a poor feel for the shifter, but I tightened up on the calf adjustment and it's perfect now. I'm sure you've already tightened up the calves, but if not give that a try
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