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Not your typical SEL and RESET issue. SOLVED

So I just picked up an '05 600rr last week that was cosmetically challenged and started to get to work on it. I knew of the plastic studs that like to fall out and render the buttons useless on the cluster so at first I wasn't worried when during the look over they didn't work. Took it home and gave it a closer look and to my surprise, the studs were there and pressing them did nothing. I did the typical "gauge cluster buttons not working" search on here and quickly got flooded with the fallen out plasticky bits and blown fuses. It's not a blown fuse since everything else works just as it's supposed to on the gauge and the tail light. My thinking is that the contacts got oxidized and are not making an electrical connection anymore. Probably the bike was left out in shitty weather once too many times without a cover.

So before I go in and tear the cluster apart, does anyone have any other ideas to why only the SEL and RESET buttons may not be working?


After searching around for gauge board and its schematics to no avail for half a day at work, I decided to just tear up the cluster and do things on the fly.

Turned out to be pretty simple actually. I gotta give it to Honda for making a part that's not normally serviceable, serviceable.

To start with, the switches consist of, going from board to the rubber; a housing, bowled copper plate, plastic slider, a clip, and the plastic stud that loves to forget where it belongs. Below is what I'm talking about all taken apart and laid out in the order they assemble:

You can see how badly oxidized the copper is on both the board-side and switch-side contact points. I took the closest chemical I had at hand, which turned out to be an engine degreaser, sprayed some on a qtip and dabbed the copper plate. Needless to say I was surprised that it actually worked so I did the same to the board-side contacts too. To be sure those make good contact I scraped whatever crap was left off the surfaces and look at the difference:

Now you can actually see the metal surface of the contacts whereas on the first pic it's all basically covered in an oxide layer.

Put all of the pieces back the same way they came out, use some super glue on the long plastic pieces for security and reassemble. Worked for me, and hopefully helps somebody else.
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