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Nut size on battery

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OK, So I installed my speedometer recalibrator this evening. Big thanks to Luckydevil yet again. So glad someone did this stuff and did a write up on it before I had to figure it out...saved me hours of time.
Anyways, dummy me is putting the battery back in the box being careful to hold on to the bolts for it when I hear that awful clink, click sound as something falls into the bike. It's one of the nuts on the battery that the bolts hold onto. Why can't someone make a motorcycle battery like a car battery where it has the threads in it. Anyways, I couldn't find the nut and gave up, so I rigged something and put the battery back in the bike back together. I would like to pick up another one tomorrow at Home Depot though. Does anyone know the size and thread pattern of the nut so I don't have to dissassemble the bike in the parking lot and bring the bolt in?
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use a ziptie to hold the cable that you lost the nut for to the battery, and then just take the bolt into the home depot and get a few nuts that fit it in various sizes. one of them is bound to work.

i hate that god damn battery. you have no idea how many times that stupid thing has fallen out on mine into the black abyss under the gas tank. i'm debating on making a plastic template to block off the holes so i stop dropping **** under there :roll:

i wonder if a dab of silicone to hold the two nuts in place would have negative effects on the battery over time....
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