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Thought I'd put my 2 cents in on this one.

Last week the bike started to idle rough and cut out at lights and sometimes while at speed too. I thought it was a loose ground on the fuel pump since I knew that was frayed and I was too lazy first time I saw it to do anything about it. Well, after soldering it back to where it belongs well, the bike still died at lights but not at speed anymore. In frustration I gave it a couple hard runs in first all the way up to redline and back a couple of times and that did the trick...

My thoughts are this: The night before this all started to happen, I had to move my bike. So I started it and shut it off before it had a chance to warm up (the temperature didn't even register on the gauge). Reading about the issue after it's been resolved on my bike I came up on the idea that the plugs can and do get fouled if the bike is shut off too soon. I'm thinking taking it through its RPM range did the trick of clearing whatever crap was plastered on the plugs causing the bike to idle rough and die.

What are your thoughts? I rode the bike for 100 or so miles since without any issues.
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