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So this has bothered me since I fitted it in 2010 馃槀, but the Scorpion end can on my RR4 has never sat in the centre, and I wonder if any of you have seen this before and can think of a solution please?
Or do I just need to take it all off and try to bend it to fit more centrally? 馃

It's the correct model for the year, and everything is bolted on correctly, but it seems the midpipe fouls under the tail and stops the end can sitting centrally... So it looks wonky.

Anyone seen this before?

Apologies for the dirty bike and garage 馃槅

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Yeah, that would drive me crazy. I'd suggest you loosen all the bolts from the header back and give it a little love tap, tap, shove. If that doesn't work get a ball peen hammer. Something will give. :LOL:
It has annoyed me for.. well.. about 12yrs :D but for some reason am only now thinking about fixing it!

Are you sure you have the correct model for your bike? This is my Leo Vince
Yours certainly looks to have more room under the tail for the pipe... I don't have the box anymore, but it was advertised as an 03-04 600RR end can.
I did look at buying a replacement, but exhaust prices have more than doubled in the past 10yrs 馃槼
It was just 拢150 for titanium when i bought it, and now they're closer to 拢400 !

Will get another pic of the underside tomorrow, but all the bolts seem to be lined up properly,...
Maybe will whip the tail fairing off, and see if it can wriggle further, but it may be pretty rusted in place 馃槅

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The rubber grommets at the back tail end allow movement. But you cannot adjust to a fixed spot with hardware there. It鈥檚 honestly kind of dumb. Vibrations move it around and it settles wherever it settles to. Good luck let us know if you find a solution and how. (It鈥檚 good for OEM exhaust鈥 but bad for aftermarket).
Yeah, i don't know how much chance for re-positioning there is. The hanger does allow some sideways movement, but don't think it can hold it in a new position.
Interestingly the exhaust never had any fitment for springs like you usually see on bike exhausts, but never had any issues with leaks due to natural movement.

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I just have the standard 2 mounting points, bolt on the right and the hangar also.

Seems I'm not quite fouling on the heat shield on the left, but it's close. 馃

Will see if I can take the tail off tomorrow, as it doesn't seem to move at all.

(bike really needs a wash too! 馃槀)

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Sadly no decent named exhausts in the UK below 拢250


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I think most aftermarket silencers don鈥檛 sit central.

Pretty sure the one on my race bike doesn鈥檛 and that鈥檚 an Akrapovic full titanium race system.

I鈥檒l check in the morning as for some reason I can鈥檛 remember! Lol
Interesting, thanks Ruby!

I think you're right. I remember most everyone complaining about crooked tail pipes. The Italians (Leo Vince) are one of the few who got it right.
Typical Italians getting it right! :D

Looks like mid-pipe is not the correct bend pattern to clear the EGCV box.

It's got unnecessary bends in odd places and bend into can is not correct....maybe for 03-06?
Yeah, it does look different to the Leo Vince above, but seems correct up to the right mounting point.
Mine's 2004, so that should be correct... or did you mean a later year?
I think 05-06 they changed the RR slightly, maybe it's meant for a newer model.

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That's what I first thought but when I went back and looked at your pics again you can clearly see "01/04" stamped on the end. I think they just rushed the R&D to get it to the market and then revised it later.
Well spotted.
Quite possibly. Scorpion don't do that shape anymore, so maybe they decided to change afterwards and make sure it fitted!
If I can't fix it with some washers to push it left a bit more, I may consider buying a slightly lesser known Delkevic exhaust that definitely fits, and then selling this Scorpion one.

Judging by going rates for branded exhausts, I could probably undercut them all and still sell for more than what I originally paid 馃馃馃徎

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Note that muffler hanger is a pivot point around vertical axis. Where rear/tip of muffler ends up has to do with where inlet/front-end is located.

To move muffler tip/outlet to left <--, you need to move front/inlet of muffler to right -->. Disconnect everything and mount just muffler on hanger and wiggle front/inlet around and you'll see how rear reacts.

Easiest way to fix is to move front of muffler to right by removal of lateral section from inlet pipe. This will also solve your clearance issue with heatshield. If this is really titanium, welder should be familiar with material and have necessary equipment to flush backside of weld with argon as he welds.
Thanks for that! Yeah, i figured the inlet would need to go right to move the rear left. When I get some spare time I'll certainly try to undo it all and rejiggle.
As far as I'm aware the end can is titanium... i'm not so sure about the midpipe, but hopefully it can be rectified before welding is needed.

Yup. The full titanium race system on my 2005 doesn鈥檛 exit straight at the can.
Hmm, that's interesting but also very annoying too!

I had a similar problem when I cut out my cat and my Two Brothers slip on wasn't centered anymore. Required a lot of adjusting / twisting of the mid pipe where it connects to the header end and the slip on end. BTW you don't need any heat shields, pipe just doesn't get that hot. No one I know has ever had a problem without heat shields.
Good to know about the heatshield tho!
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