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Official HRCA 2007 600RR Preview Video

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Well, what can I say, I stumbled upon this. You'll need Quicktime 7.0 to watch it... there seems to be some overlayed message.. *shrug*
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I don't know but they put me to sleep.
ty for the link
it won't work on my end, keeps bugging out and then closing my window due to an error.
Well guys I got the vid and for some reason it wouldnt let me get to this site last night! Plus I had some other issues a little more important to attend to :(
Honda go back to the drawing board! What a let down! I think the value of my 2005 just went up.
I like the new design but I didnt hear anytthing about gear indicator,or slipper clutch.

I will have to see it it in person in order to make a decision.
I'm loving my 05 even looks to much like the R6. Where would you put frame sliders. That video really didnt give you too much, it didnt feature the upgrades and you still gotta buy a seat cowl. Not impressed.
I was at my computer at 7:55 waiting for that video. I wasn't that ammused.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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