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Oil Change

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Whats the longest you should wait for a oil change on a brand new bike? I have been very easy on it its my first bike ever and i have 1300 miles on it. Also i am getting quotes for oil changes 110 plus oil and any filters is this normal?
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the first oil change is pretty important since that was the break in period. the manual says to first change it at 600 miles, then at like 8k, but i change mine every 3k miles. read the owners manual, lots of good stuff in there.
i did my first change at like 600 and i do a oil change every 2500 to 3000 miles i recomend learning to do it your self you will save a lot of money
+1 ^ - It's easy and if you use the search button there is a tutorial with pics on how to do it. You probably have an 06 but the directions will still help you.

*Shouldn't this thread be in the Maintenance section?
its like a blood transfusion for your bike
do it ! do it yourself ($110 that's a joke.)

The first one is especially important cant do it too early or often
during break ing.
You probley want to change it now if you havn't yet. There are lots of metal shards that break away into the engine as it's breaking in.
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