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Hey guys, I have a 2005 600rr with 9,000 miles.
I just bought it, and decided to turn it into a fighter.

I have been doing a lot of rewiring.
Keyless Ignition, and cleaning up all the extra wires
I don't need like turn signal and stock headlight wires.

Anyways, I decided to take the whole exhaust off, which is stock.
I was painting the exhaust black.

I got the exhaust on it, started it up, and it sputtered three times and cut off. I thought that was very strange as it was running fine before I removed the exhaust. I took just the muffler back off up to the midpipe, and it still done the same thing.

I tightened up any loose connections I could find, and it still did it.
Removed the air filter and still did it.

It revs up to about 2k rpms, flutters up and down between that and about 1100, then stalls. Here is my process:

-I turn it on, with the fuel pump off.
-The oil pressure lights up solid.
-I flip on the fuel pump, and it primes perfectly fine.
-Then the oil pressure light cuts off, and the FI code comes up.
-Then the FI light goes away, and the oil pressure light comes back on.
-The light stays on for like a second, then flashes 7 times, then stops.
-It continuously flashes until turned off.

I read several things about 9 flashes, but I only counted 8 flashes.
It stays solid for like a second, then flashes 7 times.
I never had a problem until I put the exhaust on.
I'm pretty sure I didn't unplug anything.
What should I do?

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Also, where the heck does this wire plug to? It's just chilling there. I don't recall it ever being plugged in, or ever unplugging it.

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