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Okay so I pulled my MVR form the DOT

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1 accident 2 speeding tickets in the last year.

Why am I getting such high reocrd isn't that bad.

On side note i went and did my MP license...I know it isn't much but its a start to me.
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thats like 4 points... do you own the bike? Just get liability.. I have 2 points and it's 150 pr year...
who are u getting quotes from? and how much are they quoting u?
i have 1 major violation (over 100mph) and 1 accident. when i was shopping for insurance i got quotes from $400-$2000 a yr for just liablity. I ended up calling my car insurance provider, Allstate, even though they don't sell mc insurance, the broker insured me with Mc Graw. i pay $350 a yr for liablity. she told me that if i didnt have that major violation it would only be $150 a yr.

on a side note:
3 words a real motorsports enthusiast lives by:

If its cheap and fast it won't be reliable.
If its cheap and reliable it won't be fast.
If its fast and reliable it won't be cheap.
thats more than 3 words
most insurance companies ignore the first 2 points.
but also that has all happened in the last year which has something to do with it. and i do think its more than 4 points. just get used to it and it will be gone in 3 years.
150 a year!!!!!!!!! i have a record but it is all off now and i am still paying 1500 a year!! damn
That's for min. coverage. I have similar premiums for my bikes.
If i get a bike I will be financing @ least half of it (I don't want to wait).

I haven't gotten a bike yet for for various reasons that are beyond my control but I'm still hoping I can pick up a blue one before the summers end.

I got a quote of a little over 3g's for full coverage from Progressive (even if they added all the discounts I qualify for).

I understand they are the best for MC insurance. I heard Liberty mutual isn't bad either.

I had a really bad speeding ticket (got locked hybrid got me in a lot of the car was to blame lol). I think my 3 year MVR says I have 9 points. The accident was my fault. Some guy in a mirage jumped in front of a jeep one day on the highway in traffic (raining crazy) and the pickup truck hit him and I slid into the pickup (@ like 20 miles an hour). I think when you rear end someone that's like an automatic 3 or 4 points.

The speeding ticket I got locked up for went down to a reckless driving (92 in a 45 late @ night....yeah I know real stupid) I believe that was 3 points and then I had a more normal 18 over speeding ticket, I think that was 2 points.

One of those speeding tickets should be dropping off this year, unfortuneately its most likely going to be the lower speeding ticket. I'll have to wait 2 more years to get decent insurance rates.......sux.
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did you say 1 accident and 2 speeding tickets arent bad? holy christ you will be lucky to get insured much less worry about the rate :shock:
SRADman said:
did you say 1 accident and 2 speeding tickets arent bad? holy christ you will be lucky to get insured much less worry about the rate :shock:

That's what I was thinking. 1 Speeding ticket will kill you for insurance let alone 2 and an at fault accident with a reckless? I'm suprised anyone other than Dairyland will offer to insure you. I know Allstate or Statefarm have some great rates, but they require a clean record.

At the prices that Progressive is quoting you, you would be better off cashing out the bike or buying 2 and having a backup. :roll:
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