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I was looking at that flooring for my garage... but the price definately scared me away from getting it. I could only afford enough of those tiles to play hopscotch with. :wink:

luckydevil said:
what flooring do you have?
That flooring looks like this stuff from

I was considering it until I found out how much it was! For a two car garage, it would have cost over $1,500! It is cool and everything and if $$ was no object, I would do it, but I'd rather spend the $$ on my RR's suspension!! :lol2:


Take a picture of you rowing your yellow boat....j/k

those extensions look fine but IMO unless your 300+ lbs you don't need them. I thought it was hard to see behind me at first but after I got used to them it's not a problem... the key is to make sure their perpendicular to the bike..

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1) Oops is for not correctly posting the photos with the original post below (mirror extenders).
2) The extended mirrors, although somewhat tacky work great. I can see everything even “dead astern” and this just makes my rides more enjoyable, eliminating any surprises.
3) The flooring is called Race Deck. I was considering an epoxy floor, but these poly/plastic tiles are guaranteed for 10-yrs, will not chip, and can be installed in just a few hours. There is a distributor in San Diego, so it was very convenient to drive over and pick them up. The 20’ by 22’ garage ran me about $1400, and I can also take the floor with me if I ever move.
4) About the paddles… wife and I like to stay diversified and have plenty of toys to keep staying fit interesting. Kayaks, Mountain & road bikes, rollerblades, tennis, sailing, golf, hiking with the two Airedales, and kart & formula car racing. The only kid in this family is……….ME!
5) The E.O.T. is from a ship that I sailed on before she got scrapped (no double hull).
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