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Ordered Checkeredflag stands beginning Oct. Never received them?

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What's the deal with these guys? I ordered these things over 3 weeks ago, called twice and emailed twice and nothing. No returned anything and no stands. What the hell, I get ripped off from steve2z for $200 bucks, then this... WTF! Do these people exist? I called their business line and their personal line is some chick on the other end and it always goes to VM.
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i'm in the same boat as you for checkered flag. but i think he sent them out last week on friday. i have my tracking number and he shipped via fed ex. i think they should be on their way. my estimated delivery is tomorrow. i'll let ya know.
Nemesis said:
Why are you guys ordering from unreliable sources when we have reliable ones right here: Our vendors?
we ordered through the group buy on the "group buy" forum. i'm assuming this was a group buy sanctioned by

i got my stands today 3 weeks after payment. they look strong and durable. i'll put them together later tonight
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