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Ortega Sat. 14th...C'mon.

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Hello Netsters, I have a friend who just got his CBR600RR out of the hospital and a few of us on the forum will probably be hookin' up to ride Ortega on Sat. Since I've wanted to ride with some of you all, why not post it to both forums. Here is the original post:

I make a motion to establish a welcome back Nemesis and his baby ride this weekend[2-14-04]. Considering it's Valentine's day, I don't expect a large turnout, but everyone is invited. Where should we go? I vote for Ortega up and back about 6 times starting at 10:00 a.m. until whenever. We can meet at the Lookout cafe on the Elsinore side or at the Chevron on the Southeast corner of the 5 fwy and Ortega on the O.C. side. O.C. guys should meet at 9:30 at the Chevron, gas up then goooo. Who can make it?

Hope some of you netsters will show. L8r
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Damn, no takers? We might include Palomar in the ride, so C"MON.
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