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ouch poor rr

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:shock: Then moved to the black/silver 1000RR.
I wonder how easy it is to mess up the HESD in a wreck? I don't think I wanna know how much it would cost to repair.
what is the HESD...
Honda Electronic Steering Damper

So how would you get the 1kRR's computer to work it on a 600???????????????????????????
cool... thanks
Wonder how that happened....??....and how he managed to get a new bike? claim or just purchased a new one?
people need to learn to respect their bikes! :bitchslap:
That's my bike. If you want to read the full details check out the thread:
maybe he didnt like the Black and red that much so he wrecked it to get the new silver and black....

just a thought..

sucks to see a bike in that condition...

"RIP. we will never forget you black/red 1000RR.. you were so nice"
lol my friends are accusing me of that because I originally wanted the Silver/Black, but took the Red/Black because of the early release.
oh.. that is your bike... that sucks.. ill have to read about what happened there... sucks though...

how do you like the 1000RR though?

what are your thoughts on it?
not take'n a shot at you oli, but WFT is up with all the 1kRR recks? they've only been out for, what, a couple of months and it seems like they're get'n thrashed left and right...
cvlighthouse said:
glad your okay...
i love seeing people on 1000s when i know they can't even lean or drag knee on a 600...

but then again...if i had the $$$ to spend...wait...i still wouldn't get a 1000...

who am i? rossi? hayden? no way, at any time soon, that i'll ride a 600 to the fullest...

- D
I'm glad you're ok and riding again, but........

I have to question your "leaned over to the max" comment.

Do you mean the max you could have been or as far as the bike is capable of?

Based on the look of your tires, they either weren't scuffed in (very possible with a new bike)
or there was a bit of a strip there that never touched the pavement.

I think with more rider training, more trackdays, and of course more gear, you could have made it out of that corner at an even higher speed.

Not trying to flame, but I think the bike wasn't in over it's head.
The corner wasn't too hot for the bike, it was too hot for the rider.

There's a moral in there, I hope you saw it.
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I never claimed to have had the ability to ride the bike to it's limits. I do know however on that day, I rode it to mine. If you don't think my tires were scuffed in, then look again - I had over 1700 miles on that bike, and over 75% of those miles were on twisties. Of course the edges of the tires are going to look clean when the bike has been rolled through dirt and oil, and onto the back of a pickup - but this is irrelevent.

I posted my story and my pictures for public knowlege, maybe for your entertainment or perhaps I thought someone might find it to be an interesting and informative read.

It's too easy to look at another's situation and say, "oh yeah, you should have done x", or "if you had more experience like me then things would have worked out." If you want to believe this egocentric delusion, then by all means, knock yourself out. The fact of the matter is that you know absoutely nothing about my riding ability, or the line of the road, so you really have no data by which to render judgement.

How arrogant of you to "hope" that I saw the moral lesson. News flash: I was there, you weren't. I know what my take-away points from this experience are, as I have analyzed the afternoon's events for days versus your 15 seconds. Below are the true lessons of this experience, and not some pretentious reader's uninformed opinions:

1. Regardless of temperature, wear a jacket or more
2. Know the road very well before riding it hard
3. Go slowly through blind corners unless you are familar enough with the road to ride it blindfolded, and even then proceed with caution.
4. Appreciate your friends, because they will come through for you when it matters.

It's late, I'm tired, sore, and a little grumpy. One of my pet peves is akin to the comment above, which is obviously from someone who has never been there, and never done that. I've said my peace, Flame on!
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i have to give ltc props b/c he admited to messing half the ppl would of blamed something else like the rear tire locked up and i had nothing to do with it
Can we get a moment of silence for a fallen RR.....................
Thanks Morphues like you really care about RR's :lol2: :lol2: :bitchslap:
you still My Boy though I like Gixxer's :lol2:
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