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i was under the impression that when hanging off, its best to have your weight as low as possible and on the inside peg. Id never really tried getting weight onto the outside peg, to be honest it feels unatural to me, oposite to skiing or skating, but boo yaaaa it rocks!

Ok, favorate bend, mid corner. Got my position how i usually hang, butt off seat, weight on the inside peg. Im getting the usual feelings that things are starting to unsettle, so i smooth things out. Its a big bend, so i start to shift weight over the other side. Im just starting to put pressure on my outside leg, starting with my thigh and the bike kinda twiched upward and pushed more firmly into the back of my knee. Felt much better, could actually get much more lean out of it, and it just had better grip. I got it on the outside peg, and all the sudden its like, yea bitch, spank it harder, spank it till its ****** raw. It feels like you can really dig in there, i think i may have just entered high side terratory.

I feel like my body position is completely wrong for getting it right yet, as the only corner i found the peg securely on was quite a big one, the smaller ones were just unatural, but the bike felt way more solid round the turns. Once again crew rocks my world with some totally awesome ****.

Thanks peeps!

ride safe!
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