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First off, it was one hell of a fun day at Pacific Raceways with 2Fast Trackdays! I have never been to this track before, but I will be going back for sure. It is a much faster track then I have ever been to before and flows very nicely. Lots of CBR600's there, were any of you guys there?

The night before I could not sleep at all and had to wake up at 3am to get from Vancouver, BC to Kent, WA on time for the tech and rider's meeting. So I was pretty tired to begin the day. Good thing I was a little early as my new Sharkskinz helped me to fail tech as my brake and clutch levers banged into the bodywork at full lock. After some very quick and ugly dremel work I was ready to go.

Let me put it this way, my first session on the track I felt like retard chasing around a red ballon! I knew the track layout from looking at it online, but when I actually got out there for the first few laps I had no idea which way the next corner would be going or how fast I should be going through it. The hardest part of the track for me to learn was Turn 1. Keep it pinned at something like 160-170 mph and just tip it in? OK haha.

But before lunch I had the track down and was ready to get alot faster. I was in the 200 level group (Intermediate) and by the end of the day I was passing people left and right which made me happy. Next time the instructor told me that I had to go in the 300 level group (Expert).

This was also the first time that I got to ride with my new Ohlins 25mm cartridge kit and TTX shock. All I can say is they work REALLY well! Can't wait to try them out in the opening rounds of the Western Canadian Championship at the beginning of May.

If I get pics I will make sure to post em up!
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