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Hi All,

I recently bought some Colorite paint to fix up some cosmetic damage on my bike. I bought the Italian red (code doesn't really matter for this) for my Tricolor - had it delivered to family while I was in Canada this summer. Unfortunately, on my test spot under the seat, it looks perfect while wet, but dries darker so I need to lighten it. I live in Italy and can't order from Colorite directly so it's a big pain and huge cost to get even a small amount of paint as I'd need to ship it to my family, then on to Italy, which is ridiculous. What I'd like to know is:

Can I lighten the color slightly by adding some generic white urethane paint?

If so, does anyone have a recommendation of companies that produce it?

Basically, I have about 50x more red than I really need so I can remove a little, then mix it as a test with a very small amount of white. I'm hoping to find something online or in a local hardware shop.

If anyone's got advice, let me now.

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