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First off, hope this is the right forum.

To begin somewhere, I have 2006 cbr 600 bike that fell on the left side pretty hard from previous owner. I'll be ordering the parts to Iceland.

I've been looking into many threads here and trying to find out best oem (price) and aftermarkets.

The list sounds something like this;

Radiator, (just the radiator itself)
Generator cover.
Subframe, rear.
Bracket set (for the clutch wire, goes around the handlebar)
Bolt wire adjusting and nut fixing for the bracket set.
Meter Case Assy (Upper and Lower)

  • I think I'd like those parts to be OEM.
Then it's the fairing kit, if you recommend something cheaper or better? Please do.

Been looking into those sets at and think I'm willing to take the chance on this aftermarket, read some positive review threads about the product, and from what I've seen it fits pretty good on 05-06 models. Do you know if the shipping is free world wide?

Fairing bolt kit (Would like it OEM) - I found this one

I know I'll be ordering the fairing kit separately but was hoping to be able to order the rest from one and the same place, so I could maybe get some deal on the parts.

Where would you recommend buying those things?

Read about, and Honda Bells (Myron)
Haven't contacted them yet. I've heard very positive things about Myron at Honda Bells.
And also found
Are there any others?

I've none experiences in ordering parts for bikes so all help is welcome. Hoping to order as soon as possible as I'm excited to get out there on my bike.


And one picture of it for you guys, just finished taking all the old fairings of.


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kpowersports only shipps to the USA for free, however i dont know if he will ship elsewhere if you pay the shipping, best to contact him. also those are def 03 04 forks on there, was it wrecked previously before this one?
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