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I don't post much since i'm still learning and just browsing old threads to get my questions answered.

I ordered shorty levers for my 07 600rr on 8/15 and got them within 1-2 weeks. Then i promptly shoved them in a drawer and said i'll get to it later. Around mid-September I go to install. The brake goes in no problem. I get to the clutch and the hole is too small for the bolt to go through.

Me, being the type of guy to wait a month after ordering, said f it and i've been riding around with a shorty brake and stock clutch lever. This week I decided to stop being lazy and search the site to see if i could just buy a clutch shorty, since i figure i had waited too long to return/contact the2wheels for a remedy. I can't find out where to buy a single lever, just a set. I contact them saying my situation and asked if i could buy just a clutch lever. Paul asks for pictures and says they will send me a new connector part.

This is over 2 months after ordering the part. And for the price, i already figured i was out the 17 bucks and was going to order again. Definitely great customer service. Thanks Paul!
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