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hey guys. well i decided to start a journal, logging everything that happens with the new bike, mostly mods, but i'll try and write up on and trips or races i take her to aswell

So when you see this thread pop up, take a look cos it probbably means i have updated the journal.

Feel free to PM me with any questions if you have any.

Click the mod for link to the page

Page 1: Intro and first mods (mirrors, gas cap, oil cap, rearsets, rear hugger, seat cowl, clock and yoke covers, braided lines, brembo m/c, g craft) Post 2 to 13
Page 2: Rear Peg Removal (clean up mod) How To Post 53 to 55
Page 3: Front Wheel Issues Post 90
Page 4: R&G Frame sliders Install How To Post 99 to 103
Page 4: Pic Whoring Post 109 to 110
Page 6: Another Front Wheel Issue with My Marchesini Post 176
Page 5: Front Marchesini Wheel Post 131 and 137
Page 5: Pic Whoring with new wheel Post 147
Page 7: Akrapovic Factory System Has Arrived Lost Of Pics Post 192
Page 7: New Disc Carrier To Sort Out My Wheel Post 208
Page 8: Exhaust Teaser Pics Post 212 and 216
Page 8: Akrapovic Video With Sound Post 228
Page 8: Pic Whoring With Wheels And Exhaust Post 231
Page 8: Akrapovic System Install How To Post 234 to 235
Page 10: Homemade Fender Eliminator Post 290 and 298
Page 12 :Dynojet Power Commander Install How To Post 340 to 343
Page 13: Dyno Results Post 361
Page 14: Tank Pad PicsPost 418
Page 16: Akrapovic Carbon Fibre Side Panel Install Post 457 to 458
Page 16: Pic Whoring With New Akrapovic Side Panels Post 459 and 460
Page 17: Rockingham Trackday, California Superbike School Post 509 to 510
Page 18: Gilles Chain Adjusters and Lifters Install Post 529 to 531
Page 22: Probolt Fairing Pics Before Paint Post 639
Page 24: Pics Of WP Competition Shock, Track Fairings And Datatool Gear Indicator Before Install Post 697 to 699
Page 25: WP Competition Rear Shock Install How To Post 728 to 730
Page 25: Race Fairings With Paint Post 738 and 756
Page 25: Stomp Grips and R&G Fork Protectors before install Post 774
Page 27: Having Suspension Set-up Post 789
Page 27: R&G Fork Protectors and Motrax Flushmounts Fitted Lots Of Pics Post 789
Page 27: Race Fairings Finished Post 797
Page 27: Transformation From Street To Track Bike Post 809
Page 28: Track Bike Pics Post 812, 814 and 820
Page 29: New Style Harris Gas Cap Post 843, 846 and 849
Page 29: Datatool Gear Indiactor And Euro Racing Throttle Install Post 866, 868 and 869
Page 30: Woodcraft Alternator Cover Delivered Post 898
Page 31: Tyre Destruction From Brands Hatch Post 908
Page 32: Lap Timer Mount Post 939
Page 33: New Tyre Warmers Post 980
Page 33: Woodcraft Alternator Cover Install How To Post 981 to 984
Page 35: Brembo Radial Caliper Arrive Post 1021
Page 35: Brembo Radial Calipers Fitted Post 1033 to 1034
Page 35: Woodcraft Clutch Cover Installed Post 1035


WP Full Factory Rear Shock
K-tech 20mm valves
K-tech Springs
K-tech Needles
Motul Fork Oil
Marchesini Forged Ali Wheels
Custom Suspension Set-up
Ten Kate/WP damper mounting kit
(awaiting Damper)

Dynojet Power Commander 3
Dynojet Ignition Module
HRC Air filter
Custom map by HM Racing (remaped 5 times) (124 hp)
WSS Spec Akrapovic Factory Full Titanium Exhaust System
Ten Kate Carbon Fibre Air intake
HM Racing Quick Shifter
PAIR System Removed
STM Slipper Clutch
Ten Kate Gasket Kits
HRC Radiator
Samco Hose Kit

Brembo 19x20 Radial Master Cylinder
Brembo Radial Billet Race Calipers
Hell Braided Lines (with titanium banjo's)
DOT 4.1+ Race Fluid
HRC Rear Resevoir
Braking Wavey Rotors (front and back)
LBP Resevoir bracket

Woodcraft Clip-ons
Woodcraft Sliders
R&G Bar Ends
R&G Fork Sliders
R&G Spools
Probolt Race Fairings (x2)
Akrapovic Carbon Fibre Front Fender
Carbontek Carbon Fibre Rear Hugger
Translogic Micro Dash 2
Ten Kate Fairing Stay
Ten Kate Expansion Tank
Ten Kate Overflows
Ten Kate Carbon Fibre Frame covers
Zero Gravity Clear Double Bubble Screen
Euro Racing Quick Action Throttle
Renthal Grips
Keyless Ignition
Pazzo Clutch Lever (black)
Harris Racing Fuel Cap
Gilles VCR Rearsets
Woodcraft Alternator Cover
Woodcraft Clutch Cover
Powder Coated Subframe
Gilles Chain Adjusters And Lifters
Afam X-Ring Racing Chain (520 red)
Afam Sprokets
All Titanium Nuts, Bolts And Fastners
Stomp Grips

Hmmm I think that is it, But i'm sure to have missed something

Mods that where previously fitted

Proton Flushmounts
Datatool Gear Indicator
Akrapovic Carbon Fibre Side Panels
Renthal Rear Sprocket
Kellermann Rear Indicators
Dynojet Quick Shifter
Honda Carbon Clock And Yokes Covers
Carbon Fibre Mirrors
Gilles Rearsets
G-Craft Rear Brake Resevoir
Sparco Gas Cap
OEM Seat Cowl
Custom Carbontek/R&G FE

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Finaly after a long wait the 1st March arrived. and i pick up the new bike. from my local dealer
If you ever move to the uk and are in the area and need a bike got to these guys, they will look after you.


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so after the first long ride. i started modding!

Rear wheel out and chain guard off.

then i tried to fit my Marchesini's from my old rr. the rear wheel fitted straight in, including the breaking wavey disc.. had to get Rental to machine me a one off 525 sprocket, as my old one was 520. i will change it all at some point to 520 pitch

Now the front wheel is a diiferent story, i got the oem front wheel out. then i started lifting the Marchesini wheel in, no joy! the spacers from the old rr are way to wide. and also the spindle is alot thinner on the new model. so i took both front wheels to a small machining shop in my area to make me a new set of spacers so the wheel would fit.

also got these honda parts fitted while i was at it.


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So while i had no front wheel, i thought i may aswell crack on and stick some of the stuff on the was on my old bike.

first i started with the mirrors, i replaced the originals with my carbon fibre mirrors from

they are a straight swap and no messing around. perfect fit and a nice 5 minute mod to start off with

front on shot

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theni fitted to 2 things that a really can't ride without, smaller grip and an adjusterble clutch. so renthals and the pazzo from my old bike where a must! think we all know how to fit grips by now so i'm not mentioning anything about fitting them, just now they have to be one of the cheapest mods you will ever do but the make soooo much difference to the bike feel throught the bar, so much more control and if u don't have hands shovels it makes the ride so much more comfortable

The pazzo lever is a straight swap not alterations needed.. i'm way to used to riding with this lever to go back to strandard lever with no ajustment.


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ok so the next 2 mods make no performance improvement to the bike.
first is the sparco gas cap from
i think its looks stunning next to the pearl white paint
to be honest if you want one of these you would be better ringing them as their website is abit weak. anyways i think it looks the muts nuts, this also a straight swap, just becareful not to get your key stuck in your oem gas cap when removing it.

this is my harris oil filler cap. the machining is beautiful and use's the original o-ring when fitted. sorry about the poor photo, will get a better pic at some point.

you can get them from here
i had to wait a fiar bit of time for mine so be prepared

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Rearset is are pretty important mod for my, as i like having my feet jacked right up and increasing ground clearance as i had already started to deck out my oem rearsets. these are from my old bike aswell. firts ill start with the right hand side rearset.

now to make my old spec rears sets fit i had to make a few alteration. firts off i had to lose the meatl heat sheilding, which actually bolts to the standard rearsets, so off that went. it was gonna come off even if i didn't have to take it off. also the plactic heat sheild hold to go aswell, due to it not fitting back on with the high pegs. not that bothered really. while i was messing around with this part of the bike, i fitted up my G-Craft resevoir from

they also sell the seal kit aswell.


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the left hand rearset is a simply straight swap. the fit is actually better then when i had them on my old bike as the shift rod has better clearence against the new frame, the old bike it usued to just ever so slightly touch the frame.
my shift rod also carriers my dynojet quickshifter. i have run the wiring under the tank, under the seat to the rear pillion area, but it isn't wiried in yet.


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i keep my carbon rear hugger/fender, this wasn't a straight swap. i had to drill a new center mounting hole. i'm pretty sure rear huggers from the 05-06 model will fit with no adjustment as they already have their central mounting hole slightly off centre like the 07

a toe guard is always fitted to my bikes, and i used my harris toe guard from my old bike which mounts to the back of the paddock stand bobbin mount, it will work wheather u have a bobbin fitted or not. great little mod. this sis good shot of th eone off renthal sprocket


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got a phone call mid week, it was the guy with my font whhels, he was finished, so off i went in the car to pick them up. the finish was amazing, better then the machesini spacers i reckon. lifted the wheel in, slide the spindle through..... perfect fit!

started fitting the calipers back on the then realise they would go back on. took the wheel back out and measure the brake disc ditance, then checked it against the oem wheel, the difference was about 9mm. so the next morning i rang the machesini importer, they were useless. no help at all. so back to the machining shop. and he is making new disc carriers
for me. ( watch this space)

so i then looked it wot i had sitting in my box of parts. still had my brembo 19x20 radial master cylinder sitting there. before i fitted i wanted to check if my hel braided lines from my old bike would fit. well the fronts are to short due to the bars being 10mm higher, and the rear line from the old bike is way to long, didn't wanted catching on anything or sticking to the exhaust. by the way with my rearsets the standard line was way to short!!

so i contacted hel performance
they made me a custom rear line at 45cm long including the fittings and they already had the measurements for a 2 line set-up at the front. so i ordered black lines with black stainless steel fittings. (never get alli fitting cos they corrode from the inside out with and rain snow etc. next thing u know they go pop and your in the hedge!)

so i was up til 1.30 am on friday night/saturday morning fitting and bleeding them. it took alot longer than expected. the rear was simple. always is.

i know people have been having leaking issues with the G-Craft. i have had none. don't know if its because of the seal kit. not really sure. anyway it works.

now the front is wot took all my evening away from me, and put me in the bad books with my missus due to telling her it will only take an hour and it taking 4.

the problem with new bikes is that they have less and less space to put thing year on year. this wasn't really the issue but it added to them. the issue was that the standard resevoir bottle mounts to the the oem master cylinder. so i up routed my garage to find something to make bracket out of, to bolt the resevoir bottle to but also to have it sit high enough above the master cylinder to have clearance and to have a smooth flow of brake fluid.

after much frustration, i ended up taking the oem mounting bracket, a hammer, a flat edge and beating it flat. this was the solution. i mounted it to the bottle then i bolted to bracket to the top yoke pinch bolt. at last i was getting somewhere.

fitted up the lines and brake light switch and got them bleed up with the compressor at 1 am. my neighbours must love me!

the result this system is soooo solid, never felt brakes like it. the lever is soo firm. love it.

and here are the lines with black fitting. think the look wicked.


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so after a ride yesterday i realised i had hole box of titanium bolt from my old bike sitting in my room. so i may aswell put them to use. i changed all the fairing bolts, front mudguard, rear hugger, pinch bolts, rear axle nut, clip-on mounting bolts, disc bolts, sprocket bolts, engine casing bolts etc etc. and a final shot for the day.
black lever look awesome, can't wait to get my wheel back


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Wicked idea. Definitely going to be a regular to this thread!

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nice pics, and step by step process. You got way too much money, ha, ha.

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Looking good!! I am still waiting for the HEL lines to come in for my bike, got the rearset and res installed, almost as sharp as yours.
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