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Hi all,

recently, I removed the original indicators and installed some LED indicators from a German dealer, as well as a new relay made for my PC40 2007 model.
I got very disappointed with the brightness of the light and contacted the dealer. I assumed they were faulty and was ready to return them. After messing around, the bike would suddenly not start anymore due to low battery. I charged the battery and the bike started up the first time and I tested the indicators to see if they were more bright now. To my surprise and hapiness, they lid up way more bright suggesting that the indicators are not faulty. I then swapped the relay from the original to the new one and then suddenly the brightness was weak again. Alright, the problem must be the relay then, so swapped back to the original relay and now the brightness is still weak. So only the very first time starting the bike after charging the battery, everything was good, suggesting that somehow the indicators do not get enough power.

I have a video of the problem here:

Brake light and stop light work perfectly.

Do you have any idea where the problem could be?

Thank you very much.

// Kevin
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