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I have one in my RR now and I rode my bike the whole week to work. Well I had to fill up 3 times. that will last till sunday. My friend who rides a gsxr 750 thats all beat up only filled up once so far this week. He uses 87 I run 91. We both have pipes on the bikes. Would it make a huge difference in gas consumption if I removed the PCIII? And if I did remove the PCIII would I have to do anything other than just disconnect it ?
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Its a combination of things that could cause bad gas mileage.

Yes your PC map can be pushed to the rich extreme and you could
be wasting gas without any gains in power. Just cause its custom mapped
does mean its mapped right ! I know from my own bad mapping experience. Mine is the otherway. Good fuel mileage, low on power.

Other, if you want to conserve gas ride in the 4-8k rpm range.
Over 10k and of course you'll be using it fast.

BTW Riding at 10 grand ain't gonna waste your engine ! c'mon !
After all you got a HONDA, its not some korean knock off toy!
(oh, I'm asian so I aint knocking Koreans ! Just those toy bikes they make!)

Your 600RR made to rev hard and rev long, dont worry. I had an old CBR F3 that I beat the crap out of for 20,000 plus miles and it sang like a charm
all the time.
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1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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