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I have one in my RR now and I rode my bike the whole week to work. Well I had to fill up 3 times. that will last till sunday. My friend who rides a gsxr 750 thats all beat up only filled up once so far this week. He uses 87 I run 91. We both have pipes on the bikes. Would it make a huge difference in gas consumption if I removed the PCIII? And if I did remove the PCIII would I have to do anything other than just disconnect it ?
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Knightslugger said:
it's the combination of your style and your RPMs. All 8 injectors are working after 5k RPM. if you're riding highway, you should be in 6th gear to conserve fuel. The engine can occasionally take 15000 RPMs, that doesn't mean anywhere in between there is safe. You keep that up and you'll spin your bearings out.
secondary injectors arent in use over 5500 unless your wide open throttle. They arent spraying on Partial throttle.
+1 on these motors being made for high rev's. Id say a Neon motor can "occasionally handle 6000 rpm's" lol, but the RR motor is designed to live in the high rpm range. As long as your fluids are good Id say nothing to worry about. Im in the same boat with gas milage sucking however I know Im running rich as hell until I get my PC3
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