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I have one in my RR now and I rode my bike the whole week to work. Well I had to fill up 3 times. that will last till sunday. My friend who rides a gsxr 750 thats all beat up only filled up once so far this week. He uses 87 I run 91. We both have pipes on the bikes. Would it make a huge difference in gas consumption if I removed the PCIII? And if I did remove the PCIII would I have to do anything other than just disconnect it ?
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Knightslugger said:
What conditions do you ride the bike in?

Style (spritied or commuter)?
I usually keep it at 8-10k rpms
My work is about 30 miles each way
I keep it between 80-95
a mix of both
moeman said:
what about your map is it a custom map or just one off
the web ?
To utilize full benefit of the PCIII a custom map would be the
way to go
What color is your exhaust end cap ?
Your answer will give an idea is the bike running way rich
rich or lean
It is a custom map they did the dyno and the whole deal.
It is a 2bros Titanium
I never checked the color of the end cap.

Knightslugger said:
Ah, that explains it clearly.

dibs on parts when it blows... seriously, that's like 3rd or 4th gear riding! why in the world would you be riding at such a high RPM like that?
Well maybe I am a little high on the RPM's so what range should I be in?
I have -1 in front and stock in back
Ok I will pay attention to my rpms tonight on the ride home.
Well on my way home I was paying attention to my rpm's. I was at around 8k rpm's and that kept me at about 82-86 mph.
Knightslugger said:
As for the Gasoline Consumption, it's the RPMs your running at. What are the limits on the freeways in San Diago? 65? 75?
65 but if I stayed at that speed I would get run over. So usually keeping up with traffic I am between 75-85 and thats between 7-8k rpms
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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