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PCIII maps and exhausts

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so, i'm looking into getting an aftermarket pipe for my rr, and i plan on eventually getting a pcIII. however, it seems like there are several pipes out there that have no maps. for you guys that don't have maps that support your pipe, what do you do? i want to try to plan ahead and get a pipe that already has a map that way i won't have to spend more money for a custom map (if i can even find anyone around here to make one)...
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I had a jardine rt-1 carbon and used the Leo Vince map and was very happy while the pc3 actually worked. The 2 bros map worked good also.
BTW, there isn`t a map for the jardine that I know of.
All bikes react differently to maps. Even ones made for a specific pipe. You should go by trial and error to see what fits best.
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