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Phoenix fairings, and more

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Hey whats up everyone im selling a few rashed 09 Phoenix fairings and some other parts. All my prices include shipping (in USA). If you have any questions feel free to ask, Thanks for looking

Front upper : $120 Light rash on right side
Tank : $110 Light rash on right side
Right upper: $40 Cracked and rashed pretty good
Right mid : $50 light rash
Tail: $40 Cracked really bad
Right lower: $50 Rashed
Cluch Cover: $60 Small scratch
Brake/cluch lever: $20 Perfect condition
Right passenger peg: $20 missing the bolt, Very light rash
Right front peg piece: $10
Rear brake lever $15

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anyone interested?
Last picture

anyone interested?
Im not too familar with bike parts yet and what everyhtings called...but could you tell me what is all pictured in your last photo. I am looking for the footrest on the left side for an 09 bike (the part that the heel/toe rests on). Not sure if thats what its called. If you got that part, how much. Not sure how to "PM" someone yet. Still learning how to operate in the forum.
Still have all parts in picture
it wont let me edit the prices. i need to get rid of this stuff. Make me offers on anything. Dont low ball me to bad tho lol.
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