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Well I was cruzing around looking at pocketbikes, and I found this site: (go to streetbikes and click on "Phoenix")

Is it just me or does that bike have MAJOR 600/1000rr influences?

The entire tail section, plus the front has a bit of an RR vibe.

Anyway, just thought it was kinda cool. And itd be an awsome kicking around town bike if it wouldnt fall apart...
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to much for somthing that i wont spend alot of time on but if i had money to blow you better belive id deffinetly buy one it is pretty sweet
I get a stiffy thinking about all the stupid **** I could do on one of these things. haha
I know man, it looks super fun. Mine would need to me blacked out, then I'd just have fun with it. With a price like that, who cares if you drop it? Man, talk about a good looking beater...
Heres a pic for those who are too lazy to go to the website:

Its a 4 speed manual clutch, 4 stroke, 125cc street legal bike. Probably slow like no other, but also probably fun as heck.

Oh, and its $1700!!! I want one just to drop in a 250cc two stroke engine...
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well guys, it's obviously copying the UK model of the 1000RR of the previous years just by looking at the color scheme...

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my wife would love that how much?
the kickstart messes up the bike...but I bet that would be fun as hell to goof around on.
Heres some more pics from the front, and their badazz black paint scheme (I'd hit it!)

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Isn't that rr on the back the same as the 600rr's rrs
gotta love the alien mirrors!!! lol
that thing looks like fun. those mirrors are the best.
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